Asks and Bids Information (beta)

Arbitrage variants for each exchange. Lowest ask and highest bid for each cryptocurrency.

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Ask price - is selling price. If you want to buy immediately, you should focus on this price.

Bid price - is buying price. If you want to sell immediately, you should focus on this price.

All ask and bid links lead to exchange markets. They opens in a new tab (or window).

Prices updating every 5 minutes. Refreshing pages with asks and bids to more often doesn't make sense.

Sometimes a cryptocurrency is undervalued on one exchange, but is in high demand on another. This is arbitrage variant.

All data is taken from public API endpoints of exchanges. Check this data before making any decision or action. Using this site assumes that you know how exchanges and cryptocurrencies work, what are trading and withdrawal fees, how to check wallets statuses in exchanges, how to withdraw cryptocyrrency and track this transaction, is it legal to buy and sell cryptocurrency at your location, etc.

At the moment this site does not track any other parameters (markets statuses, wallets statuses, etc). Only prices. If people will are interested in this project, i plannen to track additional parameters in future to cut off non-working variants. New cryptocurrencies and exchanges are not being added at the moment. I use a free plan in cPanel hosting, this plan has serious load limits. As soon as i can to acquire VDS/VPS, new site options, new cryptocurrencies and exchanges will be added and update tickers (prices) time will be reduced. Your donation will be greatly appreciated!

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